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Compilation of my favorite immersive experiences seen in-person
Ekemini Nkanta

ekemini nkanta

I’m an immersive artist making dreamlike experiences with code. Pictures that paint themselves, rooms that come to life – moments that resist being put into words. When I’m not crafting them, I’m chasing them. :)

So far, my favorite projects include a glowing indoor forest synced to your heartbeat, an interactive video wall that bursts with color as you dance & wave in front of it, and (WIP!) a light installation that combines 32 origami birds with projection mapping.

I’m in love with ethereal, otherworldly visuals and stepping into the unknown. Moment Factory, teamLab & Meow Wolf are major inspirations to me.


Creative Technology

I develop interactive art, immersive installations, and augmented reality experiences. My work makes use of sensors, computer vision, game engines, creative coding, and projection mapping.

I'm proficient in rapid prototyping, creating 3D realtime content, and exploring new technologies.

Processing, Unity, Unreal Engine, Arduino, JavaScript, PoseNet, openFrameworks

Immersive Experience Design

I excel at conceptualizing and planning the core elements of an immersive experience. Through light, sound, visuals, and technology, I can shape how a space looks, feels, and responds to a viewer.

My strengths include visualizing ideas, sketching layouts & user flows, and thinking up various possibilities for input & interaction.

Adobe Creative Suite, PhotoScape X, Miro



Bend elemental energy in an alternate realm beyond the wall.

Scene from the Polyphonic virtual concert


Programming & directing a cyberpunk virtual concert.

Otherworld: Augmented reality portal that leads into a vast forest

Otherworld AR

Opening an augmented reality portal in the middle of Manhattan.

Dark forest of glowing lanterns floating in mid-air


An interactive soundscape of floating lanterns.


Animation of me moving my arms and body back and forth as a camera tracks me, causing colorful blobs to move across a TV screen