In 24 hours, we took the “lo-fi girl” everyone knows from YouTube and reimagined her room in neon.

We composed an original song in Sonic Pi after joining the hackathon’s “generative music” workshop, then wrote a script that samples audio in real-time and returns the different frequencies. Various lights in her room (which was 3D modeled overnight!) flicker to the bass, mid-range, and high notes.

(None of this is choreographed – it all happens live.)

*Awarded “Most Technically Impressive” at Uncommon Hacks 2021

Made with: Unity, Sonic Pi, Blender

Role: Unity Developer

  • Scripted audio reactivity in C#
  • Set up the lighting, projector, and video playback in Unity
  • Auto-rigged a humanoid & imported Mixamo animations

Thank you to my team! :)

Environment Artist

Ling Zeng


Luyang Gan