and none of us ever ended

Painting with light onto a flock of origami birds.

A sensory walk through 4 interpretations of “rest”.

Swirling thousands of particles until another realm materializes.

Floating through the point cloud of a coast across the globe.

ekemini nkanta

I’m an immersive artist making dreamlike experiences with code. Pictures that paint themselves, rooms that come to life – moments that resist being put into words. When I’m not crafting them, I’m chasing them. :)

So far, my favorite projects include a glowing indoor forest synced to your heartbeat, an interactive video wall that reveals another realm as you dance & wave in front of it, and a light installation that overlays 23 origami birds suspended in mid-air with projection art.

I’m in love with ethereal, otherworldly visuals and stepping into the unknown. teamLab, Moment Factory & Meow Wolf have my heart.


Animation of me moving my arms and body back and forth as a camera tracks me, causing colorful blobs to move across a TV screen