Journey through 4 rooms, each designed around a different interpretation of “rest.”

Rest is a mood-lit, sensory experience that pulls you from the chaos of the city into a series of immersive environments. Featuring light installations, projection mapping, LED sculptures & a layer of interactivity, the 4-part exhibition expands on the concept film led by multidisciplinary director Annie Saunders. We worked closely with her to explore four perceptions of the word:
  1. the altered state of consciousness
  2. the constant state of flow
  3. being one with the world around you
  4. being one with yourself

Made with: Unity

Role: Experience Designer

  • Interpreted written & verbal prompts into a series of installations
  • Helped build a concept doc of each room’s theme, layout & flow
  • Created proofs of concept together in Unity using projectors, lighting, keyframe animations, and free 3D models

“What makes it feel like you’re connected to something else, something mystical, in a way that wasn’t immediately tangible before?”

Annie Saunders, in Free the Work
Laser-cut lamp casting geometric shadows across the room

I executed the vision for Room #3: being one with the world around you. The plan was to fabricate a nature environment that participants could believe enough to ground themselves in – much like how one might escape into the woods to reset. But after weaving emerging technology into the experience, the space felt almost sentient in the way that it listened & responded to your presence. LED flowers bloom to the rhythm of your heart. Digital particles ebb and flow beneath your feet. Here, the participant and the living, electric forest are one and the same.


laser-cut shadow lamp, shaped as a life-sized tree

“river of flowing particles” created with projection mapping (credits to YouTube source)

LED flowers, synced to the heartbeats of the audience via wearable sensors

glowing fantasy mural (credits to original artist, Louis Dyer)

lush forest foliage & hanging wisteria

Fall 2021's immersive team:

Project Manager

Renuka Sookdeosingh

Experience Designers

Quincy Lewis

Quenton Blake

Mykhal Parson

Cindy Mei