POLYPHONIC is our take on a city gone cyberpunk – told via virtual concert. 

Though colorful and enticing at first glance, this high-tech world has its citizens in a chokehold. Our prompt was “speculative futures” — so we explored the threat of data collection & mass surveillance in a world where technology advances faster than it can be regulated. While partying on a rooftop to progressive house music, players will hopefully realize they’re being watched.

Up to 10 players could load into the multiplayer EDM experience and dance the night away, take turns being the DJ, or hack into a drone & explore the city. Various parts of the environment are programmed to pulse and shapeshift to the music.

Made with: Unity, FMOD, Mirror Networking

Role: Wore many hats ✨

  • Creative director. Led the overall vision of the project. Analyzed the user experience of in-person concerts vs. music videos to devise the best crossover of the two. Drafted list of potential actions & interactions.
  • Network programmer. Reworked Unity scene & prefabs to support multiplayer! (We ran out of time 1 step away from online play: hosting the server)
  • Technical artist? Set up animations & optimized game performance.
  • Web & UI designer.

Special thanks to my team:

Sound Designer

Bryan Santiago

Environment Artist

Julian Frost

Software Developer

Arash Izadi

Unity / Web Developer

Shanice Smith